Public Data Office

PDO Details:

That will establish, maintain, and operate PM-WANI compliant Wi-Fi Hotspots and provide last-mile connectivity to deliver Broadband services to subscribers by procuring internet bandwidth from telecom service. Public Data Office (PDO) is a location where any individual could access internet using Wi-Fi connectivity.

Who can become a PDO?

  • Any person like business person, resident, professional, Village level entrepreneur (VLE) etc. could start a PDO.
  • Locations like local market shops, booths, Tea stalls, Kirana shops, Vegetable shops, restaurants, road side houses etc. are best suited for starting a PDO and deliveringaccess to internet using Wi-Fi connectivity.

Advantage of becoming a PDO?

  • An additional source of income from selling internet connectivity .
  • Availability of good quality internet connectivity facilitating online transactions for shop owners .
  • Increase in sales due to upsurge of customers visiting PDO locations.

How do I become a PDO?

  • Arrange a fixed-line broadband connectivity from any Internet Service Provider in your area .
  • Contact with a PDOA (PDO Aggregator) to finalize the business model and identify an appropriate type of Wi-Fi Access Point .
  • Install the Wi-Fi Access Point and start providing internet connectivityto users.

How do I connect with a PDOA?

  • Option 1: Visit PDO Portal on https://adeliasinfotecchwifi.com andinsert necessary detailsin the available enquiry form. The interested PDOAsmaycontact you. 
  • Option 2: Visit https://pmwani.gov.into get the details of PDOAslike office address, e-mail address and telephone number etc.and you may contact them directly.

How much investment is required to become a PDO?

  • Depending upon the business model being finalized with a PDOA, at max, aPDO may require to do one-time investment inpurchasing and installation of Wi-Fi Access Point.
  • Further, a PDO may require to spend monthly for the broadband connection.

Who could be the potential customers?

It will be beneficial to such people who want to usehigh-speed internet service for their work such as following:

  • Village Level entrepreneurs, artisans, professionalslike electrician, plumber, carpenteretc. who want to sell their goods and services through e-commerce platforms. 
  • Students can make use of various online educational platforms and have a much better learning experience. 
  • Accessing e-Government websites for online job applications, exams, interviews, schemes etc. 
  • Farmers who can learn about the new agricultural practices and can connect with experts for guidance. 
  • Everyone as they can get more details w.r.t the Government schemes that are launched for their benefit.